Sycamores on Spokane Falls Blvd.

And they were everywhere!

These are the trees I saw downtown while watching the Jr. Lilac Parade 2009. My youngest grandkid, playing the trombone, was amongst 100’s of kids strutting their stuff on a glorious early May morning. Very colorful, a lot of fun. And the kids were great, all of them.

It’s great to be a grandma!

Green Blessings on this wonderful spring day…

Herb Starts

Merry Meet!

Marjoram, garden thyme, sage, oh my!

The herb starts are flourishing. More than I need for my own garden.

Garden thyme
Broadleaf sage
Sweet marjoram
Greek oregano
Anise hyssop
Italian parsley

Plus some starts of curly mint that I have to keep “weeding” out of the garden bed. Oh darn!

What an exciting time of year!