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Biting Off her Own Wing


the Angel succumbs

to the flightless endurance

of separation,

leaving behind

not only all the old games

and fancies

but also the so many

wonderful delicious

pantomimes of religion and war.

Marauding mobs of so-calleds

spit language and decoration

and devise assaulting rituals

to practice on the psyches of peers

who do not fly the same direction,

while they themselves

deteriorate in closet self-admonishment.

Feathers still stuck to her lips,

the Angel coughs and spews

the beauty and terror

of her own power

and finds embedded in her own soul

the rhythm and rush

of wings incarnate

still beating


© Doreen Shababy 2017

Three Notes – a poem


1st note:

tree bark like topographic road map

channels sap to roots

in response to winter.

the wind pierces my ear numb.

I pedal into the wind like a pirate

who visions land craves rum.

this frosty exhaustion

brings tears to that which blinks

behind the steamy spectacle of sight.

if it has to get cold

I shall just have to acclimate myself.


2nd note:

the days devoid of brilliant sum

fall into each other

like shoppers in an icy parking lot.

I can tell how the day will end,

how the fallen snow is really a blanket

gathered in folds

even as wood smoke clings in cold air

and cushions the atmosphere.


3rd note:

still no sun,

my thoughts become a vapor of confusion.

neither caring nor caring if I do,

I press my face against the pane,

cold glass soothing my temple,

and ask the sky:

        is the other side the same

        as here in my brain?

        or is it just this glass,

        this window,

        this transparent alibi,

        that keeps us apart?


copyright Doreen Shababy 2015